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Soft & Cozy Bedding Made With Your Animals Comfort in Mind

We offer a wide variety of animal bedding for horses and small animals. All of our bedding is dust filtered to make it safer for you and your animals. 


Animal Comfort Group is trusted by some of America's largest companies to be the sole provider of mission critical supplies for their operations.

Flake 2 Photo Shoot.jpg
Bagged Shavings

We produce a variety of Premium

Pine Wood Shavings.

Super Bale Prior To Being Wrapped With Weather Proof Covering.jpg
Pine Shavings Super Bales

Super compressed, high density package of kiln dried pine shavings.

Pellets Photo Shoot.jpg
Pelletized Bedding

Our 100% Pine Pelletized Bedding is kiln dried for maximum absorption.

Ready to grow your animal bedding sales?

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you grow your business. 

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